Quilt Stories: Fructos

Some quilts have complex and rich origin stories. They have a long incubation and are the product of lots of “dream time.” Others not so much. “Fructos” is one of those others. Here’s what I wrote for the International Quilt Festival where the quilt will appear in my “Specimens” special exhibit this November. The 16th Century portraits … More Quilt Stories: Fructos

In Progress: Marabou Stork 3

A couple major changes to the marabou stork to report this week.

First of all, she’s changed her gender. I’ll explain why in a minute. For the time being she will no longer be known as Oscar (as in garbage-loving Oscar the Grouch) but as Chloe. Marabou Storks are common in many parts of Africa, though they’ve been dubbed the unofficial bird of Uganda. There they are called the Kaloli Bird—close enough to Chloe for me. Actually, my husband Tom came up with the nick-name. Anything to stop me from calling her Scrappy (her interim name). I do like Kaloli too and may work it into the official title of the finished quilt. … More In Progress: Marabou Stork 3

Quilt Stories: Gombessa

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting each of the ten quilts (plus marabou stork) going into my Specimens exhibit at this year’s International Quilt Festival in Houston. This week I introduce Gombessa, my fabric collage of an ancient fish, a full-sized coelacanth (SEEL-uh-kanth) that I made in 2006. I had heard of coelacanths before, but I didn’t … More Quilt Stories: Gombessa

The Finish Line: Completed Student Work 1

One of the unfortunate realities of teaching fabric collage is that I don’t often get to see my students’ finished work. Only rarely do students complete projects in class. They get a solid start then I send them off (usually) confident they have the skills to complete the piece. But I seldom get to see the final work. Which is why it’s … More The Finish Line: Completed Student Work 1

Two stories: One About My Fabric Life, One About My Family Life

Telling My Story At the end of last year I was asked by Brenda Smoak (via referral from friend and fellow quilt teacher, Rose Hughes) to participate in her blog that highlights a different visual artist every week of the year. It’s called Artists Tell Their Stories. We are asked to “… choose one area of your life … More Two stories: One About My Fabric Life, One About My Family Life