In Progress: Introducing “Kaloli Moondance”

Whew! After an intense few weeks with little sleep and a lot of leaning on my family, the quilt of Chloe the Marabou Stork is finally done. I won’t make you scroll to the end. Here she is. The title “Kaloli Moondance” was given to recognize the Ugandan name for the marabou stork—Kaloli Bird—and the beautiful harvest … More In Progress: Introducing “Kaloli Moondance”

In Progress: Marabou Stork 3

A couple major changes to the marabou stork to report this week.

First of all, she’s changed her gender. I’ll explain why in a minute. For the time being she will no longer be known as Oscar (as in garbage-loving Oscar the Grouch) but as Chloe. Marabou Storks are common in many parts of Africa, though they’ve been dubbed the unofficial bird of Uganda. There they are called the Kaloli Bird—close enough to Chloe for me. Actually, my husband Tom came up with the nick-name. Anything to stop me from calling her Scrappy (her interim name). I do like Kaloli too and may work it into the official title of the finished quilt. … More In Progress: Marabou Stork 3

Quilt Stories: Gombessa

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting each of the ten quilts (plus marabou stork) going into my Specimens exhibit at this year’s International Quilt Festival in Houston. This week I introduce Gombessa, my fabric collage of an ancient fish, a full-sized coelacanth (SEEL-uh-kanth) that I made in 2006. I had heard of coelacanths before, but I didn’t … More Quilt Stories: Gombessa

In Progress: Marabou Stork for Special Exhibit at IQF

Big announcement! Guess what?! I’m having my own special exhibit in at the Houston International Quilt Festival from October 29 through November 6th!! This is very exciting for me (did you notice?) as this will be the first showing, the first (but not final) incarnation, of a collection of work I am calling “Specimens.” My hope … More In Progress: Marabou Stork for Special Exhibit at IQF