In Progress: Introducing “Kaloli Moondance”

Whew! After an intense few weeks with little sleep and a lot of leaning on my family, the quilt of Chloe the Marabou Stork is finally done. I won’t make you scroll to the end. Here she is. The title “Kaloli Moondance” was given to recognize the Ugandan name for the marabou stork—Kaloli Bird—and the beautiful harvest … More In Progress: Introducing “Kaloli Moondance”

In Progress: Marabou Stork for Special Exhibit at IQF

Big announcement! Guess what?! I’m having my own special exhibit in at the Houston International Quilt Festival from October 29 through November 6th!! This is very exciting for me (did you notice?) as this will be the first showing, the first (but not final) incarnation, of a collection of work I am calling “Specimens.” My hope … More In Progress: Marabou Stork for Special Exhibit at IQF

An Eye for an Eye

Imagine you’re in one of my five-day classes. You’ve chosen an ambitious project: a fabric collage portrait of an important person in your life. But this is day two of the class. You’ve learned some stuff: You can use glue with fabric. You’re beginning to understand how value determines form. You’ve chosen a great photo to work … More An Eye for an Eye

Quilt Stories: “Dixie Dingo Dreaming”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a “serious” artist. I mean, I don’t really worry about it, but it crosses my mind. Anyway, do I really want or need to be a “serious” artist? And what is “serious” art anyway? I suppose it’s art with a purpose, with an important message, or with a revolutionary way of viewing the world. … More Quilt Stories: “Dixie Dingo Dreaming”